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Tips for Finding a Home-Based After-School Program

If your child’s school schedules do not include extra curricular activities, you may still find other ways to provide your child opportunities to gain more knowledge and have fun. Your choice of after-school programs need not be limited to structured plans that are similar to school courses that are taught by professional teachers. You may want to consider even the informal after-school programs as long as they can provide enhancement and support to the academic, social and physical development of your child.

Children should realize the importance of giving priority to their school attendance to include the need for doing their homework. Similarly, they need to devote time for their daily assignments on reading or writing. As they study different subjects, children are apt to develop particular interests and preferences.

When you have identified the specific field that fascinates your child, you may want to seek for a related program in a nearby college or a community center where she can go to for supplemental studies. Alternatively, your child can search the Internet for relevant information. Help your child develop an inquisitive mind by encouraging her to undertake independent research so she can expand her knowledge even without going through any formal course.

If you observe your child to be deficient in social life, you can convince her to join a club. Although it is not necessary that your child makes friends with other children within the same age bracket, a reading club will be a good idea. See if your child will be interested to visit public libraries or the theater. Or, explore the possibility of doing a parent-child book reading. It would be great if you can get together with other parents and children who are also looking for an after-school program.

And if you can’t seem to locate any organized group activity, you may check with your local community. Most children are interested in getting involved with social problems. They get to understand about suffering, the concept of charity and the means of community help by getting involved through volunteer services. By participating in clean-up sessions or adult education programs, children get to learn some realities of life.

On the other hand, if you are worried about your child’s lack of physical activity, you may want to enroll your child to take up dancing lessons. Or at least, get her to enlist in a gym where she can meet new friends and learn to like the treadmill.

It is not necessary for your child to take part in an organized activity to reap the benefits from after-school programs. There are many different ways that you can explore. If your child is enthusiastic about daily household activities, encourage her to explore the different aspects of the activity like cooking or gardening and the like so she can fully enjoy the extracurricular experience. Joining your child in the activity will provide an opportunity for extra bonding within the family. 
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